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Intimate Connections:
Awakening to Sacred Sexuality, a Tantric Approach
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Tantra is an ancient path that offers an all-embracing vision of cosmic harmony. In the west, the thought about Tantra is that the practice is all about sex. Contrary to that notion, Tantra is a vision reaching far beyond the realms of just sexuality, it is a way of reaching enlightenment with love and sex by embracing the body, mind, heart, and the spirit. Tantra is a philosophy of sex being lifted from a biological function to a sacramental ritual.

The word ‘Tantric’ comes from Indian Tantra, which means a written text. The texts wrote about important issues such as the care of each other’s souls and spirit, how to treat each another as God and Goddess, how to attain enlightenment, and about sex and religion. A Tantra text was the written equivalent to a mantra, a spoken chant that could bring about a union with the Supreme Being.

As a teacher of Tantra yoga, I will assist each couple to opening the heart to forge an indestructible union that can resolve many of the problems in the relationship. This encourages the couple to become the Sacred Beloved to each other and to ones self. This groups dedication is to sacred responsibility and to incorporating techniques that will develop a rapport between a couple on all levels of consciousness, from the physical and emotional, through the mental to the soul.

This is a ten-week group. Each session will consist of couple and individual sharing about the tantric process, the homework and the relationship in general. There will be group discussions and group exercises. I will teach some philosophy, and useful techniques to be practiced during the week at home. Those practices will consist of: how to enhance the energy flow physically, spiritually, sexually and mentally through using breathing techniques, hatha yoga, how to move the kundalini and/or Ch’i, how to move beyond resistance through heart-felt communication, sexual exercises, sensual body massage, and meditation.

We hold so much imprinted sexual psychological pain and this group will spend time on the healing of those psychological wounds and physical wounds for some as well. When this deep healing happens, sexual energy is released with such incredible power, that this power can actually change our relationships, our world, and ourselves through this divine love. Therefore, this sacredness leads us to delight, ecstasy and harmony.

The intention of this group therefore is to encourage each couple to develop a sacred agreement. To create energy between them, to fuse the couple into one indivisible energy structure in which sexuality is employed to fulfill the divine intent. Techniques will be taught on how to evolve the partnership spiritually so that this will bring about intuitional rapport at the soul level, an emotional rapport at the astral level, telepathic rapport at the mental level, and a highly sensual rapport at the physical level.

Through Tantra, or a sacred sexual approach, love, which is both personal and universal, can fulfill the ultimate requirement of complete and total selflessness that is the hallmark of the soul. Therefore my dedication is to create a group that is devoted to sacred responsibility, a Divine Intimate Relationship with your Beloved.

A ten-week couples group, $50.00 per couple per week. A two and a half-hour group session each week.

More About the Art of Intimacy
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