Light Reign Consulting - personal coaching, counseling and psychotherapy with Pamela Brockman, Boulder - Denver Colorado area, self hypnosis self guided imagery CD for stopping smoking, weight loss, self image and more.

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Psychotherapist, professional counselor and Life Coach, Pamela Brockman serves Boulder and Denver, Colorado.  Her psychotherapist services include hypnosis, self hypnosis, groups hypnosis, group therapy, EMDR, professional counseling and more.

It is a journey you are on ...
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Light Reign CouselingThe journey is filled with new adventures each day. Along your way, you meet people who love you, and people who challenge you.  You confront situations that open new possibilities, or perhaps close old doors.  The journey is abundant in sights, sounds, activities... and most of all, emotions.  For emotions are the way we measure the effects of our experiences. 

Often, we get lost in our own journey.  We forget why we took the first step.  We become confused about how to get back on the path we originally intended.  In these times, the guidance of a trained facilitator can help get you back in balance... back to the ability to find joy and rewards in each new day.  

Are you ready to LOVE deeper 
into the RICHNESS of who YOU really are?

Pamela Brockman - Professional Counselor

Transformational Psychotherapy and Counseling

Deep Psychotherapy and Inner Child Healing

EMDR and Hypnotherapy

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